Ugly Duckling self-leveling hard gels are designed for effortless sculpting. Extra strong adhesion, and tough high shine finish.

CLEAR –Ugly Duckling Clear Gel is crystal clear – no bubbles. Use to lay down before your colors to avoid staining the natural nail, cap your art, or create  a full sculpt.

PINK – Ugly Duckling Pink Gel is a soft semi-transparent gel. Beautiful for French, fades, or full sculpts.

FUFU PINK – Ugly Duckling Fufu Pink Gel is a camouflage gel available in Cool and Warm tones. Create beautifully enhanced free-edge, hide any blemishes, or simply enjoy the color for French, fade or full sculpt. We recommend encapsulating between clear gel.

WHITE – Ugly Duckling White Gel will make a bold statement for a crisp clean French or dramatic Baby Boomer.